"Visits one person each night and learns if they're aligned with the mafia. Sided with the village."

  • One of the necessary character to balance a game (easily).
  • Sided with the village.
  • The cops get to know other cops as their name is highlighted with blue color.
  • Cops have a specific place(Sheriff's Office) to act ONLY during night.
    • By clicking this house icon on Town screen, a screen loads with player names as in Courthouse.
    • By swiping from right to left, opens a chat where only Cops can talk with each other.
    • On the player names screen, all the Cops can vote for a person. The person with majority vote gets selected for investigation.
      • All characters can be investigated by Cops, even Cops themselves.

The Library will display record next day.

If suspect was not sided with Mafia, it shows,

You've learned that Player_Name is is clean! (Note the two 'is')

If suspect is sided with Mafia, it shows,

You've learned that Player_Name is in cahoots with the Mafia!

This report is only visible to all cops.

If the suspect was Granny, one Cop also gets killed by Granny.

  • Player_Name, the Player_Role (Cop, in this case) was executed by the Granny.

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