"Visits a person each night and protects them from dying that night. Sided with the village."

  • One of the important characters of the game.
  • PERKS: CAN SAVE A PLAYER i.e. ensure the player doesn't die next turn.
  • Doctors have a specific place(Hospital) to act ONLY during night.
    • By clicking this house icon on Town screen, a screen loads with player names as in Courthouse.
    • On this screen, the doctor can vote for a person. The person will be selected to be saved next day.
    • Doctors don't have chat not unique highlight color. So, a doctor doesn't get to know other doctor.
    • The Player name screen asks the doctor to vote, so, what other doctors vote is hidden.

Doctors fail to save if the player they save was Granny. The log says,

Player_Name, the Player_Role (Doctor, in this case) was executed by the Granny.

If doctor succeeds in saving a player, the log says,

Player_Name was saved by the Doctor.

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