Executions are done in the Courthouse. The executions are there in case a Cop, Creeper, or Gravedigger has found a potential mafia member. However mafia may use it to sway the votes against a village member.

  • If two people have the same amount of votes, the game will randomly choose one to die.
  • You may change who you are voting for as many times as you want, but you may not unvote after you have voted.
  • You may not vote for yourself.
  • If the person with the most votes is the final Mafia member, the game will refresh and the village will win.
  • If the person with the most votes is sided with the village and voting for them makes the mafia outnumber the village, the mafia will win.
  • If the person with the most votes is a Fool, they will win. If mafia have outnumbered village or all mafia members have died, it is possible for the Mafia and the fool to both win or for village and fool to both win.
  • If there are two fools and one fool is voted off, both will win even if the other fool has already died.
  • It is possible for no one to be executed for a day. On Day 1, people may vote for "No one" and if the majority of voters choose this option, nobody will die. Also if nobody chooses to vote during the day, nobody will die.
  • If the Bulletproof is executed, they will not have an extra life.