There are 15 total roles in Mafia Mystery.


  • Villager- Sided with the village. Has no perks.
  • Doctor- Can protect anyone from dying for a night. Each doctor may individually save a person and will not know who other doctors are. If a doctor has successfully healed someone, it will say "(player name) was almost killed by the (role), but was saved by the doctor."
  • Cop- Works together and investigates one person per night. The next morning it will say whether the person was sided with the village or the mafia.
  • Granny- Anyone visiting granny will be killed in the night. This includes the mafia, godfather, toaster, and interrogator; but also includes the doctor and the cop. Creepers, snipers, and framers will not die from the granny. Cannot die at night unless shot by sniper.
  • Sniper- Has one bullet to try and kill a mafia member at night. In the morning it will reveal who was sniped and what role they had. If they are toasted by the toaster on the night they are sniping, they will lose the bullet and not be able to use another one.
  • Bulletproof- Will be saved by their vest if Mafia, Toaster, or Sniper attempts to kill them at night. They are confirmed as innocent in the library, because the library will refer to them as the Bulletproof. If blown up by the Kamikaze, they will not die from the explosion and will just say "(player name) was blown up by the Kamikaze." in the Library. If the town executes them, they will not be saved by their vest even if they still have an extra life.